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Namrata Chakraborty

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

In these tough times when we are faced with a lot of uncertainty, it is normal and understandable that we all are experiencing different layers of stress.

Hi, I am Namrata, a licensed clinical psychologist, with multiple years of clinical experience, and with a passion to bring in real changes to the lives of individuals by empowering them to overcome their difficulties. Know more


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  • Relationship Issues
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Emotional Issues
  • Workplace Issues
  • Marital, Couple, Sex Issues
  • Education Related Problems
  • Concentration Issues
  • Sleep-Appetite Issues

Do not self-diagnose, do not tag any disorder as your identity. You are much more than that. Believe in yourself, strive to alter the problematic thoughts, acts, beliefs with professional help. And yes, you can!

Certificates & Awards

M.Sc. M.Phil.

(RCI-registered, Govt. of India)

PhD. Research Scholar

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